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Time to re-evaluate my eating habits…

So it is officially Spring with Summer just around the corner. Personally I would call this summer now. My eating habits have become a little eractic lately and I am seeing it when I step on the scale. ūüė¶ I can also see it when I take off my shirt. Yesterday I had a pretty healthy lunch, then I totalled canceled it out last night when I ate at Panera Bread at 8pm. UGH! Today will start a stricter eating plan. I hope to keep you informed as I¬†progress. I will¬†take some measurements today, which I will not share with you. But I will share any changes that happen¬†every week. I just wish I could be my husband to do the same. He is interested in losing weight, but of course, being a male, he can do it a lot easier and simplier than I. Wish me luck and I will report back in¬†a week on my progress!


UPDATE: My husband put on some pants that were too tight and told me he had to make some changes! He is ready to get a handle on his eating habits and start exercising. Hooray!! Game on!!

Oiselle Weekend Sale!

I ‚ô• Oiselle Running Apperal and I love to share with you the great sale that is happening this weekend. Quick Sale Details: When? Friday 3/30 – Sunday 4/1 What? Customers receive an extra 20% off sale items with code: SPRINGTIME this weekend only. Where?

I am official!

My Oiselle kit just arrived with some really cool stuff!

Legs not feeling good :-(

This week, my legs have not been feeling up to par. First, I rolled my ankle on a trail run last Saturday. I did my usual trail run Monday morning and by that night my ankle was swollen like an orange (well not that big). Tuesday evening I did a little less then 3 mile trail run and was not feeling it. Almost feeling like I could have shin splints. I started to think that maybe I had done too much trail and not enough road. Yesterday I went by the best running store in the Gulf Coast, Running Wild. The expert there recommended I try the Trigger Point class they offer on Thursdays at 12:30. Trigger Point can really hit areas that I may not realize need attention and could probably remedy the aches I am having. I then asked about the compression socks because I was looking for immediate relief before going on my next run. I was told to go home, put them on, even sleep in them if I felt comfortable. I did not sleep in them but I did wear them on my 6 mile run this morning. Still feeling like I had heavy legs from not running on the road for over a week, I can tell you right now, my legs are feeling 80% better than what they felt like yesterday! I have not decided if I can make the drive into town to do the 12:30 Trigger Point class today. With gas at $3.75 a gallon and living about 25 miles from everything, I have to plan my trips wisely. Today in particular because I have to go back into town this evening to meet an awesome group of women for what we call a “clothes swap”. Everyone cleans out their closet of things they don’t wear or use and we meet and go through everyone’s stuff to find anything we can share. Whatever is left at the end of the night will be donated to the local Goodwill. Not only is it a great opportunity to maybe get some clothes that will be new to you, but also a chance to spend with the girls!

New Mom Wins Marathon!

New Mom Wins Marathon!. Seriously makes me want to work harder!!

Running more miles

So I ended up running 32 miles last week. The most I have done since I started a year ago. Sunday I was a little sore but felt fine. I did a 4 mile trail run this morning and my legs felt very heavy but my endurance seemed a bit stronger. I’m going to shoot for at least the same this week and maybe add another day off.

New to blogging

Welcome to my first blog post. I will talk about my daily running, fitness and nutrition. Also, my husband and I just relocated to Pensacola, FL. After 23 years at the same job, my husband decided it was time for a change of scenery and I agreed. I will also chat a little about our new journey.

I hope I can share information that can help and maybe even encourage. Stay tuned!

Thought worth sharing:

Think you won’t make a difference with one run. You won’t make any difference doing nothing.



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