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Time to re-evaluate my eating habits…

So it is officially Spring with Summer just around the corner. Personally I would call this summer now. My eating habits have become a little eractic lately and I am seeing it when I step on the scale. šŸ˜¦ I can also see it when I take off my shirt. Yesterday I had a pretty healthy lunch, then I totalled canceled it out last night when I ate at Panera Bread at 8pm. UGH! Today will start a stricter eating plan. I hope to keep you informed as IĀ progress. I willĀ take some measurements today, which I will not share with you. But I will share any changes that happenĀ every week. I just wish I could be my husband to do the same. He is interested in losing weight, but of course, being a male, he can do it a lot easier and simplier than I. Wish me luck and I will report back inĀ a week on my progress!


UPDATE: My husband put on some pants that were too tight and told me he had to make some changes! He is ready to get a handle on his eating habits and start exercising. Hooray!! Game on!!


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