Life's Run

Journey of a mother, wife, runner..

Busy week ahead!

I did “The Biggest Loser” Cardio Max 30 minute workout dvd with my husband this morning. He struggled but did not stop. I am so proud of him. When it was done, he literally sat on the bed with his head down. I asked him if he was ok. He said yes, just could really tell from that 30 minutes that it had been a real long time since he had done any exercise. I told him not to get discouraged and it will get more enjoyable. He said he is not giving up! Awwwwe. I love him!

I have 4 days this week to get in as much running and working out that I can. We head to Tampa Thursday evening to pick up my beloved boys on Friday morning and spend the weekend together. For those of you that don’t know, my boys live with their father in Tampa right now. I am working real hard to get that changed. (But that’s a story for another time.)

Very excited, I just submitted my first Oiselle order for some really awesome things! Being a part of Oiselle really helps to motivate me and be a better role model. I have come upon an AWESOME opportunity! I have also been accepted to be a “Sweat Pink Ambassador”. I will talk more about that soon!

Oh, another part of our new journey is that we are now in search of a boat. Live in Florida, gotta have a boat, right?? Whew, it’s exhausting, especially in the heat because typical boats are outside. That is another exciting adventure I will keep you up on.

I am seriously multi-tasking today. Washing clothes, cleaning up house, got a hair cut, worked in a morning workout and will work in a short run this evening. I love, love, love my life!


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