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Haaaapppy Wednesday!!

Let’s see! Yesterday morning I did 2nd day of Biggest Loser Cardio Max with the hubs then ran 6 miles around 4:30pm. It was actually cool because there had been quite a bit of rain earlier in the day. I ran about 9-9:30 pace. Not bad for by myself but really shooting for a steady 9 min. pace. I will keep working on it for the Fiesta 10k on May 5th!

Thank goodness I did not go anywhere any earlier, because on my way to run, the a/c in my car stopped working. UGH!! Hopefully the hubs can get something worked out. Luckily we are leaving tomorrow evening so I will not be driving it for about 4 days.

Very very excited that I will see my boys on Friday. It has been a little over a month since we have been together and for me that seems like an eternity! I told my baby, Nathan, be prepared to be stuck to me the entire day on Friday because I am not going to let you go. He said “ok mom”!

I wish everyone a fantastic Wednesday!!


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