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Happy Boston Marathon Monday!

I had a Phantastic time at the waterstop for the Gulf Coast Half Marathon yesterday!

Even my husband got involved and had Phun! He runs the Mercedes/Volvo dealership in Pensacola and was asked to provide a lead car for the race. He learned a lot about running and got in a little advertisement for his dealership.

We had a sound system playing 60’s and 70’s music. We were dancing and just having fun. There was a prize for best water stop, but we didn’t win. We will next year though!!

I have to give a shout out to the 6 local runners from here in Pensacola that will be running in Boston this morning! I am so honored to be part of this awesome running community here. Thanks to Paul and Cherie’ Epstein and their local store, Running Wild, for the awesome things they offer to help us become better runners and atheletes.

This is a taper, slow and easy run week for me. Saturday I will run my first trail race, a 10 miler. This is will also be my first race as a Oiselle team member. I hope I make them proud. I am a little nervous because trail runs are quite a bit different than road. My goal is to run the entire 10 miles without stopping and finish.

I will leave you with the quote for the day…..

There are three tiny little words that can release you from regrets of the past, and allow you to move forward with your life.  They are: “From now, on…”~Doe Zantamata


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One thought on “Happy Boston Marathon Monday!

  1. I would love to volunteer at a race! Sound fun!! And that quote is awesome…so true! Always move forward!

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