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So grateful for my life today!

I just want to let everyone know that my court hearing yesterday went so much better than I anticipated. I think I found a Judge that really listened this time. So, thank you everyone for the well wishes. Like I told the Judge, I’m just a mother that wants reasonable visitation and communication with my children.

It was a tad difficult going to court yesterday morning after getting the news the night before that I lost a very dear friend. I don’t think I have shared, but I am a recovering alcoholic and I have been sober 1 year, 9 months, 20 days. Yes, I do count! I got sober in the rooms of AA in Dothan, Alabama. I hold my friends there very close to my heart. I did not have a driver license for 16 months and a couple of those friends were kind enough to pick me up for meetings. My friend, Dawn, was one of those. She drove me to meetings for about 3 months before I got my license back and moved to Pensacola, Florida. During that short period of time, we became close. Unfortunately, after I moved, I did not stay in direct contact with her as I should have. I kept up with her through Facebook. (This was a hard lesson learned that keeping up through Facebook is not enough.) Apparently, she drifted in and out for the past couple of months and finally, I think, gave up the battle. My heart is very heavy, as her funeral is today and I am unable to attend. I will plan to make a trip to her gravesite soon so I can talk to her. That leads to my title for this post. I am so very grateful for my life today and even though I am an alcoholic, I am in a place where I never want to drink again and I am ok with that. My life gets better every day and the one thing that would make it totally complete is to have physical custody of my two boys, which I continue to fight for.

Here I will ask you to reflect and think of what makes you grateful for the life you have today. Sometimes it could just be the small things.

This is for Dawn:

I think of you often and make no outward show, But what it means to lose you, no one will ever know. You wished no one farewell, not even said good-bye, You were gone before I knew it, and only God knows why. You are not forgotten nor will you ever be, As long as life and memories last, I will remember thee. To some you may be forgotten, to others a part of the past, But to me who loved you dearly, your memories will always last. Nothing can be more beautiful than the memories I have of you. To me, you were someone special, God must have thought so too! If tears could build a staircase and memories a lane, I would walk all the way to Heaven, and bring you back again. ~Unknown



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3 thoughts on “So grateful for my life today!

  1. Love this post!! 🙂 I love when people talk about what they are grateful for. I am grateful for my semester almost ending and my family who is there to keep my spirits high until the semester does end!

  2. I am sorry about the loss of your friend.

    Congrats on almost 2 years sober!

  3. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts on said:

    I’m so happy your court case went well – but of course so sorry about your friend. This is a lovely post.

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