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Almost June…

One more day left in the month of May 2012. Unbelievable! Saturday is almost here. We have to leave Pensacola at 5:30am to be in Dothan, AL before 8:30am for our niece’s graduation. From there we will travel north to Birmingham where we will get a room and change clothes to go to Nick Saban’s son’s wedding reception. If you don’t follow SEC football, Nick Saban is the head coach for the University of Alabama’s football team.



This is difficult for me to share because you see, I’m an Auburn fan. Yes, I bleed blue and orange, but because I love my husband so very much, I will support him and his love for Alabama football. (Only when there are not playing each other) It will be fun no matter who this guy coaches for.

I just made one of my favorites treats. No Bake Energy Bites.


1 cup oatmeal

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/3 cup honey

1  cup coconut flakes

1/2 cup ground flaxseed

1/2 cup chocolate chips

1 tsp vanilla

Mix everything above in a medium bowl thoroughly. Let chill in the refrigerator for half an hour. Once chilled, roll into balls and enjoy!

Time to end here and get ready for bed. 5am will come very early for a 6 mile run. Have a great night!

Awesome weekend…

Wow…words can not describe how happy I am! We had such a great time with our boys! Saturday we picked them up along with their friends to head to Clearwater for the day.

We rented a boat for the day. We had planned to go out and kneeboard, tubing and snorkeling. Well….we get about 9 miles out and 3 of the 6 cyclinders quit working. Instead of risking being stranded to far out, my husband decided to go back and turn the boat back in. The guy immediately refunded our money and we were on our way. We quickly had a change of plans, of course, nothing else was planned. But we did it. We found some other fun things to do. We found an indoor surfing facility. The boys had a blast.


My little one, Nathan.

Birthday boy, Tanner.

Nathan’s friend, Andew.

Tanner’s friend, Matt.

After 30 minutes of that, we found a beach for them to try out their snorkel gear. They ended up just using their masks, which was fine. They all had a great time!

They rest of the weekend was spent just hanging out and talking and laughing. When we dropped them off at the dad’s house we reminded them that we would be back in 17 days to pick them up for summer. We will bring them back to Pensacola. We are ALL excited about that!

So, with packing for traveling, comes the unpacking after getting home. UGH! But, I got it done! I managed to wash and put away almost everything before lunch. Now I have to go grocery shopping, another UGH! I’m really considering a mani/pedi. I can’t decide to go and do it now or wait until later this week. We have an event coming up on Thursday night, well still not sure we are going, and then we go to a graduation and wedding reception on Saturday. Hmmm. I’m thinking today.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend!

Quote for the day:

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. The word itself says, “I’M POSSIBLE”!~Audrey Hepburn

Breather please….

This week has been a whirlwind and it’s not over! And I don’t see it slowing down for the next three weeks. My husband came home last night with invites to three different events happneing in the next two weeks. Whew!! I wanted to do a short post because, as you can understand, I will be completely too busy having too much fun with my boys this weekend to stop and post on my blog! 😉 I will take tons of pictures to post next week. I do want to share this in honor of my Tanner’s 15th birthday.

I will ride the Girlz Only Sunset Ride tonight and will not run tomorrow because we are having the end of the year Phat Girlz Party. I said I would not run or workout while in Tampa, but I’m packing to two running outfits just in case.

I have some very exciting news to share, but until the specifics are hammered out I will have to leave you in suspense, hee hee…

I wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!!

Quote for the day:

Just because you are struggling does NOT mean you are failing. Every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there. Good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to those who work hard and struggle to pursue the goals and dreams they believe in.




Busy week!

Let’s see… Besides working in my daily runs this week, I am cleaning around the house and packing for the 3-day weekend with the boys. This weekend is special because not only is it Memorial Day, Saturday is my son, Tanner’s, 15th birthday. To celebrate, we have rented a boat in Clearwater and taking Tanner and one of his friends along with Nathan and one of his friends, out for the day. My husband has planned for the to kneeboard, snorkel and well, have a lot of fun!

Just some of the stuff we are bringing…

So, not only do I have to pack the stuff above, I also have to pack food, which has to travel Friday night for 6 hours and then be eatable on Saturday. Oh my! Besides that, I am so excited to get to Tampa and see my two handsome boys! I just can not believe that Tanner is going to be 15! I still think of him as my little man.

My little garden has almost started growing out of its box. I removed the oregano, cilantro and green onion and put them in their own pots. My neighbor suggested I transplant the squash and cucumber into a bed that is pretty empty and would have plenty of room to grow. Hopefully that will give the lettuce, spinach, broccoli, carrots and tomatoes a little room. I may decide to transplant the tomatoes too. And my squash has a beautiful yellow bloom, which I learned today, that means it’s about to produce a squash. Apparently, where there is a bloom, there is a squash! Woohoo!


I hope everyone has something really fun planned for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Please be safe!

Quote of the day:

Just because you are struggling does NOT mean you are failing. Every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there. Good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to those who work hard and struggle to pursue the goals and dreams they believe in.~Marc and Angel

A quick hello!

Feeling real lazy since I did not run or bike this morning! Not to mention the awesome pizza I ate from a joint here called Helenback. I know it will still be hot but will probably go bike around 3ish.

This week seemed to have flown by, which is great! This time next week, I will be with my boys is Tampa celebrating my son’s 15th birthday. OH MY! 15! This week I pulled out some pics of him and myself over the past 15 years. We have both grown!

I will share some pictures in the next couple of day!

Ok, just talked to my friend that lives about 5 minutes away. She’s ready to ride, so I am out the door! Have a wonderful weekend!


Went for a leisure 10 mile ride with my friend Marsha. Really nice! Today, Sunday, my hubby and I are meeting her hubby and her at the entrance for Ft. Pickens park and will ride for about 12 miles. I love that my hubby wants to ride with me. Finally, some exercise we can enjoy together. Unfortunately, he can not run because of his knees but he seems to enjoy bike riding.

Oh, I am on top of the world. My little guy, Nathan, who is 9, called me from his friend’s house last night. He called just to say hello. Isn’t that the sweetest?! But what is sad is that he does this every time he goes to a friend’s house. He can’t ask he own father if he can call me because his father says no. That breaks my heart. I hope we can all that very soon! My little guy and his big brother need me!

Have a wonderful Sunday!



May 15th??? Where is this month going?

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, as you all know. It was an emotional day until I heard my boys voices on the phone at 2:30 in the afternoon. After that, I was fine! My sweet and wonderful husband knew it was going to be a rough day so he kept me busy. That morning we drove to Alabama to see his mother. She has alzheimer’s and in a nursing home. I can’t handle seeing her so I drop him off and go hang at Barnes and Noble. Then he decided we would take a different route home, by going to Panama City, FL and getting on Hwy 98 that goes right into Gulf Breeze. We made a couple of nice stops along the way. In Destin we stopped and had lunch at PF Chang’s, one of our favorites. We also stopped at Bass Pro Shops. Luckily it wasn’t a very long stop because I do get bored in that store quickly. We stopped at a surf shop and asked some questions about paddleboards. I am going to rent one at Pensacola Beach before making the commitment to buy one, because they are not cheap! We also made a stop in Fort Walton to look at a boat that was for sale. I think we may be getting closer to making that purchase commitment. I am very excited for May 26th. Not only will the boys with with us but it is my son, Tanner, 15th birthday. My husband has made arrangements for us to have a boat for the day to take out of the Clearwater area. We told the boys to invite one friend each. I think they are getting excited too!

Check out my little garden! My squash on the left has really taken off. Then the cucumber isn’t far behind on the right. In the back center, the tomato plant coming along too! In the center front is the oregano that I bought and transplanted a few weekends ago. I really love this little garden! I will love, even more, when it produces and I can pick and eat it!

I was looking at my new running shoes and started reminising about my first pair of official running shoes. I had the Nike Dual Fusion Livewwire in black. I trained and ran 2 5k’s and my first half marathon in these shoes.

I would say they served their purpose and are now my yardworking shoes.  I just bought a new pair about 2 weeks ago. I had been looking to change to something new, a different brand. I tried the Mizuno waveriders, I liked those. But I had not tried the Brooks and something told me to hold off until I did. The day before the Fiesta 10k race, I went to my favorite running store on the Gulf Coast, Running Wild and tried on the just released, not even on store shelves, Brooks Ghost 5. Fell in love!

I knew that I now look for the most efficient and comfortable shoe instead of the shoe that looks cute. I didn’t care what color it was going to be, if it fit perfect, then that was to be my new shoe. I am the proud owner of the Brooks Ghost 5. I may have found my line of running shoes, but will not be afraid to try others when the time comes again.

Well, I better get to paying some bills and a little house cleaning to earn my keep around here! I hope you have a fantastic day!

Quote for the day:

A real woman avoids drama. She knows her time is precious and she is not going to waste it on unimportant things.~Unknown

It’s Phat Phriday in Pensacola, Florida!

Phat Phriday are Fridays that my running group, Phat Girlz, meet at 9:00am at our running store, Running Wild, socialize for a little bit then go for either for a 3 or 5 mile run. Most of the times there is more socializing during the run. 😉 I officially started running with these girls in February and reallly feel at home. It’s a group of all different levels of runners, which is awesome! Friday, May 25th will end the 9:30 Phriday runs until school resumes in August. I am honored to be part of such an awesome group of ladies. Below are some pics of some of the Phatties and runs we’ve done together.

Good news, the dress search was successful as of yesterday! Went to Silver Sands in Destin and found a very cute dress at White House Black Market. And it turns out to be multi-functional, which is awesome!

A new search I started is the search for a part-time job. I will need something that will be pretty flexible with days and hours. I have started looking into merchandising jobs. That would be the perfect fit. So wish me luck on that journey!

Another weekend upon us and so many activities happening on the Gulf Coast. That is why I absolutely love it here!! I wish everyone a fantastic weekend and to all my runner friends racing, Go Fast, Take Chances!

Quote for the day:

Smile every chance you get; not because life has been easy, perfect, or exactly as you had anticipated, but because you choose to be happy and grateful for all the good things you do have and all the problems you know you don’t have.~Marc and Angel

Catching up…..

I am still not used to posting to this blog and I sometimes feel I really have nothing interesting to share every single day, so that explains the reason I post every 2-3 days. It’s like everything else, something I have to get accostumed to.

I received wonderful news regarding the court hearing I had in April. The reason I had involve the court was because I was not getting reasonable visitation or communication with my boys. I will leave it at that, but I will say, in the numerous times we have been to court and I was represented by an attorney and I have NEVER been awarded anything before. I represented myself this last time and was awarded everything I asked for. I do have previous experience working as a legal assistant that I believe helped me tremendously. Now, I have more confidence in myself than I ever have had before. If I can do that, the possibilities are endless!

Now for some boring everyday life happenings…so excited, my garden is really growing now! I think I may move the herbs to individual pots and keep the veggies in the garden box.

I knocked my run out early this morning, so now I will get some things done around the house. It’s so easy to get caught up in other things and forget that your home still needs your attention too! It would be great if I can catch up on some reading and maybe start on one of the crafts I’ve got on my table waiting for me. 🙂

Late addition….

The  above is the invite for a very special wedding reception that my husband and I will be attending. If you are not an SEC football fan then you will not catch the name, but I will say that crimson and houndstooth may be proper for color of attire. Anywho, I am now on the search for the perfect, possibly crimson, dress. I have approximately 3 weeks and I forsee a rode trip to either Mobile or Destin, unless some prestine ladies shop in Pensacola impresses me with their selection. May the search begin…..

Have a wonderful day!

Quote for the day:
I have learned that there is no failure in running, or in life, as long as you keep moving. It’s not about speed and gold medals. It’s about refusing to be stopped. You might find that one particular direction proves difficult, but there are many directions on a compass. Infinite, in fact. As long as you keep searching, you’ll find your way.~Amby Burfoot

Wow…pretty happy!

This morning I put another PR 10k in the books. So excited! Even got a little medal! But I could not have done it without my Oiselle teammate, Frency. She pushed me to the point that I wanted to choke her, but I didn’t. She told me when to take deep breaths, she told me when to stop talking and focus. It was really great! Not only did I PR this 10k, I was able to maintain steady negative splits for the entire 6.2. First time for a 10k!

My mason jar salads really stood the test of time. Yesterday was my 4th and I found one wilted lettuce leaf. This will definitely be something I continue to do. It’s so great to have it already prepared and just put it on a plate. Then I just fix a piece of chicken or fish and another veggie and I have a great lunch!

It’s time to take a little nap and get ready for the Fiesta of Five Flags Crawfish Festival in Seville Quarter. I love living here, there is always something to do! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


Quote of the day:

Never regret a thing. You are who you are and you did what you did…it made you who you are today. Life is too short to wonder what might have been.~Unknown


Hump Day!

I hope everyone’s week is going well. I took the picture below before my run yesterday. I was at Pensacola Beach, my second time running there. I love that I can see the sand and the ocean but boy is it hot! No shade trees! I did get some more sun on my arms and legs.

Everything in my garden has sprouted except for the rosemary. A little disapointed about that because I love cooking with it! I will not give up on it though! I continue to water and talk to them every day!

My 14 year old son, who will be 15 on the 26th of this month, is now reading To Kill A Mockingbird for school. I had a great idea that I thought would bring us a little closer together, especially with him living in 470 miles away. I told him I would get the book and read it along with him. I told him I was supposed to read it in high school. I got the CliffNotes, but don’t even remember any of that. He was excited and thought it would be cool because then we can talk about it each time I call and I can ask him questions to help him along. That warmed my heart. Not only with the distance between us, but him turning 15, I never want him to get to busy for his mom. I don’t know how I will handle that. So I have decided to try to spark some things that we are both interested in and it seems to be working!

These are my mason jar salads that I prepared for the week, well yesterday to Saturday, so there are 5. I mixed up the dressing a little with 2 jars of ranch, 2 with greek vinegarette and one with raspberry vinegarette. Then I layered brocolli, carrots, tomatoes, shredded cheese, mushrooms, cucumbers and lettuce at the very top.

This is the first one which I had yesterday. I really like the way it comes out of the jar, very well mixed. The test will be to see how the lettuce holds up on the last one which I will eat on Saturday. I will keep you posted!

I wish everyone a fantastic day!

Quote for the day:

Your biggest challenge isn’t someone else. It’s the ache in your lungs, the burning in your legs and the voice inside you that yells “I CAN’T!” But you do not listen. You just push harder. Then you hear that voice fade away and start to whisper “I CAN”. That’s the moment you discover that the person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are.~Anon.



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