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Wow…pretty happy!

This morning I put another PR 10k in the books. So excited! Even got a little medal! But I could not have done it without my Oiselle teammate, Frency. She pushed me to the point that I wanted to choke her, but I didn’t. She told me when to take deep breaths, she told me when to stop talking and focus. It was really great! Not only did I PR this 10k, I was able to maintain steady negative splits for the entire 6.2. First time for a 10k!

My mason jar salads really stood the test of time. Yesterday was my 4th and I found one wilted lettuce leaf. This will definitely be something I continue to do. It’s so great to have it already prepared and just put it on a plate. Then I just fix a piece of chicken or fish and another veggie and I have a great lunch!

It’s time to take a little nap and get ready for the Fiesta of Five Flags Crawfish Festival in Seville Quarter. I love living here, there is always something to do! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


Quote of the day:

Never regret a thing. You are who you are and you did what you did…it made you who you are today. Life is too short to wonder what might have been.~Unknown



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One thought on “Wow…pretty happy!

  1. Congrats on the PR!!!!

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