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May 15th??? Where is this month going?

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, as you all know. It was an emotional day until I heard my boys voices on the phone at 2:30 in the afternoon. After that, I was fine! My sweet and wonderful husband knew it was going to be a rough day so he kept me busy. That morning we drove to Alabama to see his mother. She has alzheimer’s and in a nursing home. I can’t handle seeing her so I drop him off and go hang at Barnes and Noble. Then he decided we would take a different route home, by going to Panama City, FL and getting on Hwy 98 that goes right into Gulf Breeze. We made a couple of nice stops along the way. In Destin we stopped and had lunch at PF Chang’s, one of our favorites. We also stopped at Bass Pro Shops. Luckily it wasn’t a very long stop because I do get bored in that store quickly. We stopped at a surf shop and asked some questions about paddleboards. I am going to rent one at Pensacola Beach before making the commitment to buy one, because they are not cheap! We also made a stop in Fort Walton to look at a boat that was for sale. I think we may be getting closer to making that purchase commitment. I am very excited for May 26th. Not only will the boys with with us but it is my son, Tanner, 15th birthday. My husband has made arrangements for us to have a boat for the day to take out of the Clearwater area. We told the boys to invite one friend each. I think they are getting excited too!

Check out my little garden! My squash on the left has really taken off. Then the cucumber isn’t far behind on the right. In the back center, the tomato plant coming along too! In the center front is the oregano that I bought and transplanted a few weekends ago. I really love this little garden! I will love, even more, when it produces and I can pick and eat it!

I was looking at my new running shoes and started reminising about my first pair of official running shoes. I had the Nike Dual Fusion Livewwire in black. I trained and ran 2 5k’s and my first half marathon in these shoes.

I would say they served their purpose and are now my yardworking shoes.  I just bought a new pair about 2 weeks ago. I had been looking to change to something new, a different brand. I tried the Mizuno waveriders, I liked those. But I had not tried the Brooks and something told me to hold off until I did. The day before the Fiesta 10k race, I went to my favorite running store on the Gulf Coast, Running Wild and tried on the just released, not even on store shelves, Brooks Ghost 5. Fell in love!

I knew that I now look for the most efficient and comfortable shoe instead of the shoe that looks cute. I didn’t care what color it was going to be, if it fit perfect, then that was to be my new shoe. I am the proud owner of the Brooks Ghost 5. I may have found my line of running shoes, but will not be afraid to try others when the time comes again.

Well, I better get to paying some bills and a little house cleaning to earn my keep around here! I hope you have a fantastic day!

Quote for the day:

A real woman avoids drama. She knows her time is precious and she is not going to waste it on unimportant things.~Unknown


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2 thoughts on “May 15th??? Where is this month going?

  1. Your garden is looking great! Cool shoes too 🙂

    I’m glad you got to speak to your boys on Mother’s Day…sounds like quite a challenging time.

  2. I want to make my own garden…that looks adorable!

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