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A quick hello!

Feeling real lazy since I did not run or bike this morning! Not to mention the awesome pizza I ate from a joint here called Helenback. I know it will still be hot but will probably go bike around 3ish.

This week seemed to have flown by, which is great! This time next week, I will be with my boys is Tampa celebrating my son’s 15th birthday. OH MY! 15! This week I pulled out some pics of him and myself over the past 15 years. We have both grown!

I will share some pictures in the next couple of day!

Ok, just talked to my friend that lives about 5 minutes away. She’s ready to ride, so I am out the door! Have a wonderful weekend!


Went for a leisure 10 mile ride with my friend Marsha. Really nice! Today, Sunday, my hubby and I are meeting her hubby and her at the entrance for Ft. Pickens park and will ride for about 12 miles. I love that my hubby wants to ride with me. Finally, some exercise we can enjoy together. Unfortunately, he can not run because of his knees but he seems to enjoy bike riding.

Oh, I am on top of the world. My little guy, Nathan, who is 9, called me from his friend’s house last night. He called just to say hello. Isn’t that the sweetest?! But what is sad is that he does this every time he goes to a friend’s house. He can’t ask he own father if he can call me because his father says no. That breaks my heart. I hope we can all that very soon! My little guy and his big brother need me!

Have a wonderful Sunday!




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One thought on “A quick hello!

  1. Tonya on said:

    Regina: how did you get the mad cool oiselle tag on your Twitter profile pic? I tried to send you a direct tweet but I am *forbidden* LOL – Fellow Oiselle Ambassador Tonya from Tennessee @MrsRMH

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