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Happy Saturday!

This past Thursday we traveled two hours to Dothan, Alabama to finish getting our belongings from the house that my husband owned for 17 years. It was bittersweet but such a relief to get it done. Time to move on with this journey in Pensacola, FL. We are in serious need of having a garage sale because right we can’t use our garage. I can barely see the garage door, lol! A man collects a lot of stuff in 17 years!

My 9 year old son is a huge fan of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. So much so, he asked me to make him a Finn cap. That’s right. A sewing project, woohoo. So I googled a pattern, went and got what we needed and vaalaa….

We may have a problem because he said he is never taking it off!

I am soaking in every minute of every day with them and loving it! They truly need to be here permanently! My husband and I are working on that.

I will continue to believe and great things will happen, as they already have.


The Olympic Track and Field Trials started June 21st. Oiselle HQ  and  team have been counting the days.

Some of the team have been there for a few days and witnessed Kate Grace respresent Oiselle in the 800m.

@katefullofgrace totally solid 800m, 2:04! #oiselleteam Looking so strong through serious rain!!

I am sad that I can not be in Eugene with my team, but I know they will have lots of pictures to share when they get back. I also wish the girls representing Oiselle, Kate Grace, Jamie Cheever and Collier Lawrence, the best of luck!

I am honored to be part Oiselle Running Team and now sales team.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend.

Lazy day…

Seems like the boys and I have been in the car every day since Saturday. Today, I decided we just lay around and watch movies. It probably has something to do with us going to the beach yesterday and getting a little sunburned. I also know we will be traveling to Alabama tomorrow to finish getting the rest of our belongings, so the down time sounded great!

After so much negativity in my life and choosing to think positive everyday no matter what, some amazingly wonderful things have happened. There is no turning back now that I know of these great things.

Have a fantastic Wednesday! 😉

Sooo happy!!

The day finally came! I picked up my boys Friday for summer visitation.

We are back in Pensacola and having a blast! We took them to their first Blue Wahoos game last night.

The game was a little long for the 9 year old, but he loved it after one of the players handed him a ball and then got it autographed after the game. Saturday nights games are followed by a fireworks show. Let me say, it was very impressive. On top of all that, we witnessed the Wahoos first no-hitter of the season. It makes it even more special because this is their very first season as a brand new AA team!

Needless to say, the fun has just begun! We have so much to do in just 5 weeks. Watch for our adventures!

I must update on my garden…

My squash and cucumber has taken over the box. I even picked my first cucumber the other day.

My husband said it was done growing…well, I picked it anyway! So because my squash and cucs took over the box, I transplanted everything else.

It’s been a few days so I believe they all survived the transplant! Whew! So the garden continues…

Today is Father’s Day. I wish every dad a great day and especially my husband. He is actually Tanner and Nathan’s stepfather but we consider to be more. He claims them as his own and is the best stepfather a Mom could wish for her children. Thank you for being in Tanner, Nathan and my life Fred! We love you!

Whirlwind week is over…

Oh my goodness…I’m not even sure where to start!

Tuesday night I went to my 2nd professional baseball game. My husband’s dealership went together to do some “team building”. My hometown of Pensacola now has a AA team, Blue Wahoos. This is their first season in the spectacular stadium that was just finished earlier this year. This stadium sits right on the water. The views are beautiful.

The past two weeks, Pensacola has been celebrating the Fiesta of Five Flags. This fiesta is rich in history because it involves the staging of reenactments of historical events which resulted in the first settlement of the City of Pensacola. It starts with the DeLuna Landing Ceremony, which is a lighthearted reenactment of what might have happened when Don Tristan DeLuna landed. Don Tristan DeLuna, Pensacola’s first citizen, is remembered each year during the Fiesta of Five Flags celebration. For the past 62 years, his presence has been honored with a gala Coronation and elegant Sponsors’ Ball. This coronation ball ends the grand Fiesta festivities.

Kick Off Celebration

My first Fiesta Parade. I promise there was no flashing involved to get those beads.

Ready for DeLuna Ball

It has been a busy and fun week. But next week, more exciting things are happening. I will post later about that! I wish everyone a relaxing Sunday!

Quote for the day:

Don’t live your life with hate in your heart. You will end up hurting yourself more than the people you hate.~Marc and Angel

How does your garden grow….

I am so totally excited about my garden! Every day I see some new sprout or something going on with it.

As you can see from the pic below, my squash and cucumber plants are getting a little big for the garden box. I think it’s time to move them but I will be devastated if they do not survive the transplant. Any suggestions??

(I am sorry but for some reason the pictures for this post were lost)


I have a few herbs in pots off to the side that are doing pretty good. I guess I may have a green thumb after all! If so, the possibilities are endless!

This joint is hoppin…

Seriously, that is how I feel right now. Saturday, we were up at 4am, out the door at 5:30 and in Dothan, AL for our niece’s graduation at 8:00am. It was real important that we be there because she ended up graduating with honors and has already been awarded the Chancelor’s Scholarship to Troy University. Needless to say, we are very proud of her!

My husband and his niece.

After the graduation, we headed to his sister’s house to give Olivia her present, a 32″ HDTV. She loved it! Then we hit the road for a almost 3 hour trip to Tuscaloosa, AL. I don’t know about you, but just riding in a car as a passenger wears me out! I was wanting to do some sightseeing when we got there, but as soon as we got checked into our hotel and laid down on the bed to watch tv, I was out for a nap. Then it was time to get ready for the Saban wedding reception. For the family’s enjoyment of the event, we were asked not to take pictures, which was totally fine with us. We went to enjoy the event too. But we were able to sneak a few pics of ourselves and the inside of the stadium. Oh, I forgot to mention, the reception was held at Bryant-Denny Stadium in one of the club level event rooms. They hung gold curtains so you could not tell you were in the stadium. It worked because it was very lovely decorated.

My husband, Fred and I. We stepped behind the curtain so noone could see us take a pic, hee hee.

The front of Bryant-Denny Stadium.

My husband is quite the Alabama fan, so he was more than happy to take me to few places on the campus, which is very pretty. Our first stop was the Paul W. Bryant Museum. A lot of cool things in there.

I have more pics but I’m a little tired. I did a 5 mile hilly run this morning, came home, did weekly cleaning and laundry. I think it’s time to relax on the couch!

I hope everyone has a great evening and I will post again soon!

Quote of the day:

Strive for progress not perfection.~Unknown

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