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Happy Saturday!

This past Thursday we traveled two hours to Dothan, Alabama to finish getting our belongings from the house that my husband owned for 17 years. It was bittersweet but such a relief to get it done. Time to move on with this journey in Pensacola, FL. We are in serious need of having a garage sale because right we can’t use our garage. I can barely see the garage door, lol! A man collects a lot of stuff in 17 years!

My 9 year old son is a huge fan of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. So much so, he asked me to make him a Finn cap. That’s right. A sewing project, woohoo. So I googled a pattern, went and got what we needed and vaalaa….

We may have a problem because he said he is never taking it off!

I am soaking in every minute of every day with them and loving it! They truly need to be here permanently! My husband and I are working on that.

I will continue to believe and great things will happen, as they already have.


The Olympic Track and Field Trials started June 21st. Oiselle HQ  and  team have been counting the days.

Some of the team have been there for a few days and witnessed Kate Grace respresent Oiselle in the 800m.

@katefullofgrace totally solid 800m, 2:04! #oiselleteam Looking so strong through serious rain!!

I am sad that I can not be in Eugene with my team, but I know they will have lots of pictures to share when they get back. I also wish the girls representing Oiselle, Kate Grace, Jamie Cheever and Collier Lawrence, the best of luck!

I am honored to be part Oiselle Running Team and now sales team.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend.


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One thought on “Happy Saturday!

  1. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts on said:

    So glad you’re enjoying the time with your boys 🙂 That hat is super cute – well done on making it!

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