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Journey of a mother, wife, runner..

Journey continues with exciting things to come…

I decided it was time to change my blog name. I asked my husband what he thought. His wise words were, “it will come to you when you aren’t thinking hard about it”. I asked my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors on Facebook how they came up with their name.  Everything from the type of journey they are on, nicknames, to goals they have. One suggestion was to have a dry-erase board handy. Jot down any key words or thoughts that came to mind. So I did that yesterday and showed it to my husband this morning. 5 minutes later he brought me the board.


Life’s Run…it’s perfect! I will share my life journey which includes running, fitness and nutrition. So, welcome to my blog, Life’s Run.

I have agreed to be the Saturday Coach for my local running store, Runnig Wild’s half marathon program. I see this as a great honor and an incredible opportunity. I will not only be responsible for a group and hold them accountable for their run but I will be keeping myself accountable to be there for them and get my own long run done. We start in about two weeks and the program will end in November for the group to run the Pensacola Half Marathon.

This opportunity came at the perfect time. I was debating on doing this half again or running the marathon course. Now that I committed to this I can shoot for a better time than last year and look for a marathon in January or February. Woo hoo!

So excited with what the future holds! So many exciting things happening!

Everyone should know by now that I am a member of the Oiselle Running Team and also a sales rep for the Southeast/Gulf Coast area. Anything Oiselle, totally excites me!

A week ago, Oiselle made a huge appearance at Eugene, OR for the Olympic Track and Field Trials. And I mean, Oiselle took over Eugene! Along with some of the running team members meeting up, Oiselle was respresented proudly by Kate Grace in the 800/1500m Trials qualifier.

The fashion show highlighted some of the beautiful piecses to look forward to in January.

So honored to be on her team!

After the fashion show, Oiselle suprised everyone with a star that you just can’t touch!

Wow, Oiselle knows how to throw a party! I was not able to make it but so happy I can share some pictures with you!

I am super excited to be part of the Oiselle team, both racing and sales. I can see so many awesome opportunities to come!

I want to share all this with you and along the way if I inspire just one person I will have done my part in giving back.

I will keep up the effort, no matter what!


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12 thoughts on “Journey continues with exciting things to come…

  1. I LOVE the new name…Life’s Run is perfect!!! And sweatpink sista…guess what? We are almost neighbors! I see you live in Milton…that’s where I was born and grew up. Now I live in Daphne, AL…only an hour away! We MUST meet up one day!!! Congrats on being a coach for Running Wild…I LOVE that store! The Fairhope one is where I frequent the most. I am also training a group (I am an officer of the Sole2Soul Sisters) for their first half marathon in September…it’s a very rewarding experience coaching! Good luck!!! I’m looking forward to reading all about it!!!

    • So cool that we are so close! Definitely should get together! Any advice you can provide for coaching would be fantastic. I have never done this kind of thing before and a little nervous but excited. Thought if it turns out to be a good experience I will pursue coaching or personal training more!

  2. The Oiselle fashion show looks like so much fun! And what cute clothes!

    Congrats on the new blog name – love it!

  3. jenbigham on said:

    Like the new blog name and great to have you on Oiselle Team!

  4. A job with Oiselle would be awesome and I like the new name.

  5. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts on said:

    Great new name! And congratulations on the coaching role – that is fantastic.

  6. Hey! That’s so great that are evolving the blog. And very cool that you are leading a training group! Good luck!

  7. Love your new blog title- it’s perfect! 🙂

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