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Short post….

I traveled almost 850 miles yesterday, with 3 stops. The children are back in Tampa with their father and I returned to a very quiet house.

A run was a must this morning. When I left the house I felt okay. It was about 4.5 miles into it that I realized it was probably a bad idea. It was getting harder to breathe and had to start doing run/walk intervals. Then I knew at mile 6.5 I just wanted to go back to bed. Today was not what I called a brilliant run but my new Mizuno Wave Runner 15’s felt awesome.

So I will try again for a #brilliantrun on Tuesday because I am taking the next days off to rest and get rid of this cold or whatever this mess is.

Running can be the ultimate escape. As soon as we head out the door, we leave our problems, worries, and busy schedules behind. We get lost in the private world of our own thoughts and imaginations. We return with better balance in our energy, an improved mood, and the confidence to be who we really are.~Running the Edge

I had to share this because I was hoping to lose myself in good run and get my mind off my heart hurting because I already miss my boys. It worked but this stupid cold got in my way!

I wish everyone a fantastic weekend and I can’t wait to share the family pictures we took before the boys had to leave.


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2 thoughts on “Short post….

  1. So sorry you are missing your boys! 😦 I hope you get to feeling better soon and can have that brilliant run!

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