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Happy Friday!

Wow, what an exhausting week! Not because I’ve been super busy but because I’ve been sick. You know, being sick really wears you down and throws a wrench in your daily/fitness activities! NO FUN! After 4 days of no running, I laced up and headed out to run with the Half Marathon Training Group I’m involved with.

I planned to take it real easy. We did 5 miles and I did walk up a small hill towards the end. But I was able to run with no coughing and actually breathing fairly well.

I was lucky enough to have received a box full of goodies from the nice folks at Premier Protein. I tried the vanilla shake yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Other protein shakes I have tried always seem to leave a strong after taste in your mouth. Premier Protein shake did not do this. Nice flavor and good nutrition, 130 calories/30g protein/3g fat/1g sugar. I recommend you give it a try.

Everyone is abuzz with the the start of the 2012 Olympics today. In honor of that, I have chosen to wear the following.

I am rocking the Oiselle London Calling tee along with the graphite roga short. Comfy and stylish!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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