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Week recap

I did not get the 23 miles that my training plan wanted me to do because “life happened”. My father died Sunday and I had to travel to Kentucky. There will be times in everyone’s training that you have to adjust your plan. That’s the great thing about a plan, it’s there to guide you and it’s not set in stone.

Tuesday: 3 miles in Kentucky

Wednesday: Crosstrain

Thursday: 6 miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Half Marathon Group, 7 miles

I do have to brag on my Half Marathon Group. This Saturday was the biggest group so far. It is not a mandatory run, but we encourage everyone to come out because of the significance of the long run and being with a group makes it an easier run. Long runs by yourself is not always good. My friend Sheila, accomplished her very first 7 miles. My friend Holly, ran with me and did awesome. I don’t think that my group realizes how much they are not only helping themselves and each other, but me too!

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband?? Well let me tell you why! He confessed to me that he reads my blog and other blogs (mostly ones that men write about every day married life). I was so impressed. He even suggested I should add some things, every day things to make my blog more personal and not so business. And this is just one of the reasons I love him so much. He encourages me and supports me in everything I do!

So I’m gonna give it a try by adding some more day to day happenings. What do you think? Do you like reading little tidbits on folks that show they are just regular people like you and I?

To round up my week, yesterday was really nice. My hubby and I loaded up the waverunner and headed to the beach. This was the first time, just him and I. I really missed the boys not being there, but it was real nice to have some time with the hubby. We rode out to the other side of Ft. Pickens and found a beautiful beach with just a few people. Laid out there for a bit, rode the waverunner around then packed up and rode to where a local company, Coastal Paddle Co. was having SUP demos. I have really been wanting to do this and I got the chance yesterday. They sell YOLO boards, like the ones below.

Apparently, YOLO is the top selling brand SUP boards in the nation. You can find out more here: Needless to say, I loved it! I recommend to every one, if you haven’t tried, you must!

It’s a new week and your chance to start fresh. Have a fantastic week!


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8 thoughts on “Week recap

  1. So sorry to hear about your dad.

    Double good-spouse bonus points to your husband for reading your blog. Recently my husband suggested that I post more recipes so that I would cook more. Ha! I was only annoyed for a second.

  2. I need to try SUP. I want to so bad, I just haven’t.

  3. Love and support to you in regards to your father ❤ you're in my prayers! SPALove!

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