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Crosstraining Woes…

I am finding it extremely difficult to incorporate crosstraining (weights, abs, so on) into my fitness routine. I can’t understand why because I definitely make time to run! I fall in and out of this. I can go a few weeks and keep it up but as soon as I miss a day, then I miss another day and pretty soon I am not crosstraining at all. At one point I typed up a weekly schedule. It went well for a few weeks. I subscribe to all kinds of emails  and websites that send me exercises and I think, “oh those look good”, but I never try them. I am at a disadvantage that I can not afford to join a gym right now. But I am at an advantage because I have a nice home gym with all the equipment I really need. I think it is the lack of motivation of working out by myself.

So I’m asking my readers, have you dealt with this dilemma, if so, what do you do to stay with a regime?


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16 thoughts on “Crosstraining Woes…

  1. Christine on said:

    I battled with this for a very long time. It was so hard to balance running and weight training. I would always put running first and then I wouldn’t have any time to weight train. Earlier this year I did Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer for about 6 weeks. There is no running/cardio during the first 4 weeks so I didn’t do any running. I started to really like lifting weights and saw my muscles actually grow! Since then I have added running back into my schedule and I’ve been able to do both. I don’t get to run as much as I used to because I have to allocate some of my time to weight training, but I like the results I get from weight training. I think giving 100% of my attention to weight training for a little while helped me.

  2. Christine on said:

    Don’t give up and keep looking for something that works for you. 🙂

  3. Find something you love to do and then find someone to do it with! Working out with a partner makes you more likely to commit and do it. Also put a schedule on your fridge and check it off as you go? Or just be like me and tell a friend you owe her $10 if you don’t cross train…I up the amount the more tired I am…haven’t paid her yet 😉

  4. I think you just need to find what you love! That way (just like running) you will make it a priority!


  5. I find it really hard too. I make time for cardio but the other stuff just drops off! I find it easier if there’s a day I can make time for both – but that’s not always possible. Scheduling it in helps too, and of course finding the right activities. Maybe you could do something mixed in with running?

  6. jenbigham on said:

    I’m a lot like you Regina! I stick with something for awhile then miss a day and it all goes downhill from there. I’m happy I at least stick with the running! If you find something that works for you, make sure to share with all of us!

  7. Oh golly!! I do this ALL the time!!! You’re literally writing about me here! Haha. I find the greatest things and pin them or bookmark them into favorites etc but NEVER end up doing them! One thing that really helps me out is actually writing them down or copying them I’m my phone and making weekly schedule to follow! That way it’s right there for me to see and I can’t “forget” about them! It gives me a good plan and structure for the week to keep me on track! Best of luck! SPALove!

  8. I definitely have this problem! I agree that making a schedule should help! I also tried the Nike Training Club app this week (I’ve had this downloaded on my phone for months but haven’t used it) and there are some awesome cross training things on there!

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