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Week Recap and BuluBox

Rode 12 miles

Ran 5 miles


Ran 6 miles

Rode 11 miles

Ran 6 miles

I ended up with a total of 39 miles both running and biking. This was a taper week for running so I thought it was a perfect time to get back on Pantera, my bike. As running miles go up, I may or may not ride as much. I am still just going with the flow with my training plan.

I have talked about Bulu Box previously. It’s a great way to sample products before buying. Another product I tried was the Detour Bar.

This one is the lower sugar Chocolate Chip Caramel bar. It was yummy. They offer several different products and you should check them out.

I received another box on Friday.

I really like being able to try products before committing to purchase the regular size. I have wasted quite a bit of money buying before trying. Thanks Bulu Box!

This is a new week and another chance to start fresh. Get out and get moving!


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4 thoughts on “Week Recap and BuluBox

  1. ohh! i really like the idea of the bulu box! i havent heard of that before! great job with the workouts this week! you seem to have such a wonderful balance! have a gret day and thanks for sharing! SPA LOVE!

    • The Bulu Box is an awesome idea, check it out! Thanks but it is real hard to keep a balance. I just posted the trouble I’m having with crosstraining, which I am working real hard on. Thank you for reading!

  2. Hi Regina…what is Bulu Box? I never heard of it. Sounds interesting. I’m just about to head out for my short run too, as you referred to on Twitter. Hope it’s a good one!

    • Bulu Box is a company that sends you samples every month to try before you buy the regular size. I love the idea because I have wasted so much money trying new stuff. It is a subscription but I don’t think it’s a bad price to sample stuff. Check it out!

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