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New Orleans trip and Isaac’s path…

I am almost 40 years old and attended my very first NFL game Saturday night in New Orleans. My hubby runs the Mercedes-Benz/Volvo dealership in Pensacola. And since the Superdome is now the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Mercedes will occasionally send Saints tickets to some of the dealers. Guess who the lucky ones were this past week, whoop whoop! Not only that, my hubby was able to leave work early so we could go, which rarely happens.

As soon as he told me we were going, I turned into a  little kid, all excited and giddy. I went right out and bought a Saint’s shirt. (because that’s what everyone does, right?)

Anyway, we ended going to the Mercedes-Benz USA suite and our seats were the very front row. Awesome! The food was so good and the view was great. Not bad for my first NFL game. I just hope my hubby realizes I can’t sit in stadium seats now that I’ve experienced the “Suite Life”!

This trip was even more special because I have not visited many places since I quit drinking and New Orleans is well, “drunk alley”. I had an absolutely
amazing time and did not take one drink. I am so thankful that I am at that place in my recovery where I can do just that.

On to other news….

There is some storm named Isaac scaring everyone along the Gulf Coast. We have done our run to the store and I think we are prepared as we can possibly be. I pray for everyone that has been or will be affected.


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2 thoughts on “New Orleans trip and Isaac’s path…

  1. that looks like such a fun time!! i love going to sporting events!!! hope the storm stays away from you all! SPA LOVE

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