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Week Recap

It’s that time…


Ran 3 miles


Ran 6 miles


Crosstraining, WOD


Ran 4 miles


Rode 15.89 miles


Ran 7 miles

I ran and biked a total of 36 miles. If you remember, earlier this week I posted the crossfit workout that I found at Women’s Health Magazine online. I loved it and plan to utulize it more.

I wanted to share a picture of me running on Saturday. This is downtown Pensacola. As we passed these cross streets and could seethe sun slowly peeping up. It was beautiful. I truly love living in Pensacola and being part of the huge running community here!

I also snapped a couple pics of my half marathon training group as we ran.

It’s Monday and it’s a new day and new week to start fresh. Get up and get out! Here’s some Monday Motivation:


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11 thoughts on “Week Recap

  1. Love the pics that you shared! They’re so pretty!! Great job w ur training this past wk! Keep it up!! Spalove!

  2. Heather on said:

    good job training – after my race this past Saturday, I plan to implement some cross training into my weekly routine! Congrats on sticking it out!!

  3. Awesome pictures, workouts and motivation! I tried something new today: walking an insane amount on my run. My legs were tired and I just couldnt go on. Then something else new: I sat down on the curb in central park and contemplated not completing my run! Hazah! Thankfully that didn’t happen but boy was walking humbling!

  4. Great week last week, Im impressed! Great pics. Im in MObile area, actually Baldwin County. Not far from you!

  5. Great pics! Looks so nice!

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