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Running with a group

Are you part of a running group or club? Do you run alone?

Well, I have done both. When I first starting running almost 2 years ago (November will be 2 years exactly), I was on my own. I lived in Dothan, Alabama. I lived in a very nice neighborhood so I felt very comfortable running there. I trained for my first half marathon in that neighborhood by myself. Back then, I absolutely had to run with music. I would find myself singing and running to the beats of the music. I think that’s what helped me to keep running by myself. Then in December of 2011 we moved to Milton, Florida, about 25 miles from Pensacola. At the time I was training for my next big race, Double Bridge 15k, which was in February. We moved into a nice neighborhood, not as big as the one in Alabama, but big enough to go about three laps around the streets and get in 3 miles before getting bored. Then I found a paved trail about 10 minutes from our house. This is where I did the rest of my training, still by myself. About a week before the race I found an all female running group, Phat Girlz, that was sponsored by the local running store, Running Wild, in Pensacola. I connected with the group first through their private Facebook group page. I ended up meeting one of the girlz, Marianne, at the race expo.

I was there early for the pre-race picture, I ran with about 3 of them and have been running with them ever since. During the season (they take summer off while the kids are out of school) we meet on Phridays at 9:30 at Running Wild. We do a 3 mile or 5 mile loop, run and/or walk. All levels are welcome. And on those Fridays the store extends special deals to the girlz.

It is through this group that I have bonded with and become very close to several of the girlz.

Bottom Left: Me, Emily and Marianne. Top: After a trail run. Bottom right: Before the Bayou Hills 10k. We love to show our guns!

Phat Girlz Tina, Anna and me. The three of us are also Sweat Pink Ambassadors for Fit Approach. We are very sad because Anna is moving next week.

Our fearless leader, Cherie’, calls this bonding with your “blood sisters”. I love that term. We have the entire group but within that group, several girls are very close to one another because of different things they may have in common. It is truly unique and I am so thankful to have found this group of unbelievably strong and inspirational women.

If you aren’t part of a group and have thought about joining one, I highly recommned it. I do several runs a week with this group, not just on Phat Phridays. Sometimes it’s just two of us and then sometimes it’s four or five of us. I still do runs on my own, but I really prefer running with a buddy or two. And if you can’t find a group, maybe think about starting your own.


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9 thoughts on “Running with a group

  1. i think it would be fun to have a running group to pal around with!! i have never had that opportunity since beginning to run, and i think it’d be a good thing!! happy thursday to you!

  2. I love the Phat Girlz!!!! Wish I could run with them more but I’m busy running with my Sole2Soul Sisters…another awesome running group! 🙂

  3. Love my Phat Girlz and the Phat Sisterhood. I’m gonna miss y’all so much.

  4. It’s so much more fun to run with people. I only get to do it for about a third of my runs, so it really makes me appreciate when people are there. I love runners!

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