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Labor Day Weekend

We had a fantastic time with the boys this past weekend. We picked them up on Saturday morning and headed to Orlando. I wanted to share some pics with you.

We took bus to Downtown Disney for some fun!

This pic needed to be cropped, but haven’t figured that out yet and really wanted to include in this post…

Since we could not be with Nathan on his birthday last month we told him we would celebrate this weekend. Every meal he would ask if we would tell the server that it was his birthday so they would sing to him. And it seemed like at every meal there was always one or two others celebrating their birthdays. We held off as long as we could then while eating at Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney we decided to surprise him.

I think he was surprised!

But you can see we had a fantastic time!

I am still adjusting to my new Mac Probook, hince the reason this post is a few days behind. I had to figure out how to transfer the pictures I took and saved on my new iPad to the Mac. I dive right into things to get them figured out and this is taking a little more time because instead of going to a directional video I try to figure it out myself first, then I go to the video. Yes, I am of those that does not like to read directions or instructions!



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8 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend

  1. It looks like you had a fabulous weekend. I loved going to Orlando for vacation with my parents. Hopefully I can go again someday.

  2. Awhh! Love the pics!! It looks like such a fun time!! Spa love to ya!

  3. It looks like you all had an awesome time! (:

  4. Looks like it was a fun weekend for you and your family.

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