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Phat Girlz Season Opener

I posted recently about the local running group, Phat Girlz, that I am part of. Today we had our season opener. (We take summer off while children are out of school) Because more and more ladies are deciding to join us, “Big Sisters” were selected to help welcome the newcomers, show them around and answer any questions, make sure everyone stays safe on the run and help out at any upcoming events. I am honored to have been chosen to be a “Big Sister”.

We really had an awesome turn out! During the season, Running Wild, the running store that sponsors Phat Girlz, will offer awesome deals on various things that is exclusive to Phat Girlz on Phridays. Today, to celebrate the first run of the season, their Moving Comfort rep was in the store, doing bra fitting and all Moving Comfort bras were specially priced for us. I have to give a shout out to the owners of Running Wild, Cherie’ and Paul, they are real awesome people and really take care of their customers!

Here are some pics from today.

Welcome girlz!

We do a little shopping and chatting!

This is Cherie’, one of the owners of Running Wild and the fearless leader of the Phat Girlz!

It was an awesome turn out!

It was so much fun meeting all the new ladies and seeing the ones that I haven’t seen since May. I think this season is going to be awesome for all that join us!


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12 thoughts on “Phat Girlz Season Opener

  1. What a fun looking group of women! I really like that Nike Victory tee in one of your pictures.
    Starting tomorrow I am going to be a running mentor for some newbie runners at our new Fleet Feet store in Spokane. I am excited. 🙂

    • It is an awesome group of ladies! I didn’t notice the Nike tee until I was adding the pic to my post, haha!

      Wow, so cool about being a mentor for newbies! You will find it very rewarding, I do!

  2. very envious! wish i had a cool running group!!! that sounds awesome!

  3. Looks like a great time! SPA ❤

  4. The running group and store sound awesome! Jealous!

  5. Wow that looks so fun! I love having a cool group of people to run with. And I would have loved to have had a big sister when I first started running. Cool idea!

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