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Sunday Funday!

Today was not a scheduled run day so for cross training I worked in my yard, pulling weeds, etc. I am usually the one that takes care of this because my husband does not like manual labor. Well, let me clarify. He did so much of it as a kid growing up (worked in peanut fields, keeping yard manicured according to military stepdad standards) that he swore that once he could afford to pay someone else to do it he would. And he did have a yard guy for about 16 years because the house we lived in before moving to Florida sat on 2 acres. Yeah, huge! Now, we are renting a home that has a decent size front and back yard. I do not mind yard work at all. It is very therapeutic!

So I so happy when my hubby said he would go out and help with the yard work this morning! I had to capture it because not so sure how often it will happen, lol!

While my hubby did some edging and a little mowing in the back, I pulled all of the weeds out of the beds. I also pruned my herbs and tomatoes plants.

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend and is ready to start fresh tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday!

  1. My grandfather was a firefighter and had snow removal of town sidewalks and church properties as part of his duties. He refused to stay in CT during the winter after he retired. He never shoveled again for 22 years! Awesome workout! Stretch out that back, it’s always what hurts me the most! 😉

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