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Training/Racing Mantra

On top of the Monday and Wednesday 5k coaching, I continue to train for my upcoming half marathon in November. I decided to throw in my first race of the fall this morning. Seafood Festival Don McCloskey 5k. Not only did I get a PR, I came in 2nd in my age division! I’m being a little hard on myself right now because I started out too fast. I feel if I could have held back a little more, I would have placed 1st. I think the excitement of racing again after taking the summer off made it harder to hold back. But a lesson learned is that I do have it in me and I have to work a little harder to control it, then let it loose at just the right time.

I use the above as my training/racing mantra!

Do you have a training/racing mantra, if so, what is it?

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and if racing, GO FAST, TAKE CHANCES!


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5 thoughts on “Training/Racing Mantra

  1. At the end of my race this morning it was “My body is strong.” I’m not sure where it came from, but I was repeating it in my head!

  2. Mine? “Finish” 😉

  3. I have two:
    “keep calm and carry on” and “it’s supposed to be hard. If it was easy everyone would do it.”

    Those have definitely kept me going:)

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