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Week Recap and The Weekly Chase

Week Recap

Monday – 2 miles, run/walk intervals with 5k class

Tuesday – 6 miles

Wednesday – Home CF WOD; 2 miles, run/walk intervals with 5k class

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – 4 miles with 6 hill repeats

Saturday – 9 miles

3 miles less than what my training plan had scheduled, but overall a good training week.

I have decided to link up with Melissa at Live, Love, and Run and do a weekly post sharing my goals for the week. I think this is an excellent way to hold myself accountable and keep on track.

I’ve also linked up with Molly at Miss MollyΒ to participate in Blogtober/Vlogtober.

So to wrap the two links together, I have done my second vlog about one goal for this week.


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13 thoughts on “Week Recap and The Weekly Chase

  1. I think that was a great week of training. I thought I was over my cold. But I feel stuff again. Going to get my workouts in until my head feels foggy. Hoping that doesn’t happen again.

  2. I might have to join the Weekly chase, great to plan out weekly goals.

  3. You had a fantastic week of training!

  4. You had an awesome week of runs girl!!! Good luck with this week’s training…I know you will do awesome!!! And I LOVED hearing your voice girl!!! πŸ™‚

    • reginafaura on said:

      Thanks so much Mindy! It took me about 10 takes to get down what I wanted to say, lol! Still getting used to doing it! πŸ˜‰

  5. Great vlog! I love them!! Hope your Monday is wonderful! Spa love!

    • reginafaura on said:

      I hope I get more comfortable doing video the more I do them. It took about 10 recordings to get what I wanted, lol! Thanks and you too!

  6. jenbigham on said:

    Love the VLog Regina!

  7. Way to keep up with those hills and cute Vlog snippet πŸ™‚

    • reginafaura on said:

      Thanks so much! They were really awesome and really helped, I can tell already! I still feel a little strange doing video, but hope it gets easier!

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