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Finding Balance…

In your pursuit of happiness, pause to relax and be happy. Lord, slow me down just enough to enjoy all that You have given me.

As part of my recovery, I wake up and do daily readings, prayers and mediation. The two sentences above were in my readings this morning. I was just discussing with my husband last  night that we have both gotten so busy that we have not been spending quality time together like we had about 4 or 5 months ago.

I have several different things I’m involved in right now. Social media: Facebook, Twitter, and others; have become a big part of what I do as an ambassador for Oiselle, Fit Approach, FitFluential and ZOOMA. This means I can sit in front of my computer for upwards to 3-4 hours and then still continue to check my phone periodically throughout the day. It’s becoming more than just periodically.

I’ve come up with some things I hope will get life back in balance.

1. First and foremost, I will make a commitment to change.

2. Make a schedule and prioritize.

3. Plan date nights and other fun activities for hubby and I. 

4. Meditate more

I think this is a good start.

Are you having trouble finding balance in your life? What are you doing to change that?


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10 thoughts on “Finding Balance…

  1. It’s crazy how plugged in we tend to be these days. It’s just all too easy. And it can be so fun, but then so time-consuming at the same time. It’s really hard to find balance I think. I’ve actually stopped blogging on the weekends. They’re too short as it is!

    • reginafaura on said:

      Thank you for relating to what I’m talking about! You are so right, the weekends are very short for us because my husband has to work Saturdays. 😦 But he does get one day off during the week.

  2. good for you!!!! what a wonderful perspective! prayer being sent your way! spa love!

  3. I need to be better about this! Thanks for a good reminder!

  4. runwiki on said:

    Yes, good advise, always need to keep thing balanced and occasionally I take a vacation from it all. I come back more refreshed and feel so much happier.

  5. Good for you girl! We need balance in our lives for sure! I think it’s awesome you have a plan to handle it all! 🙂

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