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Core Strength for Runners

This morning I presented a clinic to “My First 5k” group about core strength and how it benefits runners. I thought I would share some of that info with you.

What is the core?

*Your “core” is defined as your body minus your legs and arms.

*Some muscles of the core include: rectus abdominis (6-pack), erector spinae, multifidus, transverse abdominis, and hip flexor.

Why do you need core strength for both everyday life and running?

*It will help you run longer without suffering from fatigue.

*Strong core muscles provide you with a strong base and are key in supporting a strong and enduring stride.

*The stronger you are in the core, the easier everyday life will be.

Different ways to strengthen the core include: using equipment (medicine balls, etc.), weights, yoga, pilates and floor exercises.

How often should you work on your core?

At least three times a week, however, it would be extremely beneficial to do some core exercises every day.

Below are some floor exercises.


Yep, that’s me getting my plank on! PR, 3:10!

BRIDGE – Lie on the floor. Lift your hips so that your weight is balanced on your forearms. Contract your abs and lower back to keep your body as straight as a board. Hold for a few seconds then lower. Repeat.

SUPERMAN – Lay on the floor with your legs together, arms parallel and extended above your head. Keep your head and neck neutral. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs off the mat, forming a gentle curve. Hold for a few seconds, release and repeat.

V-UP – Lie on the floor with your hands overhead and legs straight. Simultaneously raise your legs and torso off the ground. Reach both your fingers and toes towards the ceiling and then return to starting position.

That is just a few exercises you can do to strengthen your core. There are many more! Don’t forget to work your core!

Disclaimer: Please note that the following information came from a handout I received to present the clinic this morning. I do include my personal thoughts and opinions. Do not attempt to perform any of these or any other exercises without consulting with your physician first.


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2 thoughts on “Core Strength for Runners

  1. I LOVE pilates! It gives me the best ab workout and stretches me at the same time!

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